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The UK is one of the countries that have CBD partially legalized with a limit to THC content, where the allowable THC is less than 0.2% by dry weight. There are several CBD brands in the UK, with Fourfive being one of them. Launched in 2018, the brand boasts of a goal to help athletes and the general public improve their wellness routine with quality CBD products. The brand is about 4 years old in the hemp space and only offers CBD oils, capsules, and creams. Since its main target is athletes then the general public, the sprays, capsules, and balms/creams by the company are specially designed for sportspeople. They cost $30- $90 and have an average price point of $0.05- $0.1 per mg CBD, which is within and above the market average. Fourfive promises robust delivery to all its destinations, although it is not currently shipping its CBD items to some parts of Ireland. Its website is simply designed and provides several means of reaching out to the customer care department, including a phone number, and email address, and a postal address. The brand sources its hemp from Slovenia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and the Netherlands, but it does not specify where the hemp comes from in these countries. Besides, the nature of the hemp is not revealed, so we could not tell whether it is organic, natural, or non-GMO. Still, the brand indicates its extraction process and CO2 and ethanol, both of which are appreciated in the hemp space for effectiveness and cost-friendliness. The hemp extracts are subjected to 3rd party testing, and the results are posted online on the centralized Certificate of Analysis page. All the products we ordered passed 3rd party tests since their deviation in the labeled CBD amounts and the actual amounts was narrow. Besides, they all had less than 0.2% THC, in line with the BSCG’s standards. If only Fourfive CBD could widen its product inventory, it would win an even larger customer base. It has a large following and liking on Facebook yet only offers CBD sprays, capsules, and creams, suggesting that more products will help it win an even larger customer care base. Does Fourfive CBD measure up enough to deserve your cash? Here is everything you need to know about it.

About the Brand

There is a fair amount of information on the Fourfive website, although it needs improvements. Based on the company’s official website, the company was launched in 2018. The people behind Fourfive CBD are Dom Day and George Kruis. They are rugby players who, out of a passion for remedy in CBD, opened a brand featuring CBD items. Kruis and Dom got injuries in their carriers, and it is only CBD that helped them feel better. Consequently, they felt inclined to share the wonders of this cannabinoid with others, opening the Fourfive CBD brand. At the point of inception, the ultimate goal of the company was to help athletes and the general public rise above the stigma on CBD and use it to improve their general wellness and fasten recovery. Sports life is full of injuries, and after finding a remedy in CBD, the two co-founders deemed it fit to work on something that featured quality CBD items.

Considering that the brand just opened, you would not be surprised to know that its inventory only offers a few CBD items. It currently offers CBD creams, capsules, and sprays, all designed to help athletes recover and promote their well-being. The average price point of the creams, sprays, and capsules in the company’s inventory is $0.05- $0.1 per mg CBD, which is within and slightly above the market’s average for other companies of its caliber. Still, the company boasts a fairly large price range of $30- $90, allowing different clients with varying purchasing powers to have something for themselves. The CBD creams, sprays, and capsules come in full- and broad-spectrum formulations, allowing people to enjoy CBD with additional compounds like terpenes and flavonoids that add to CBD roles.

The product pages are informative, detailing how the CBD item in question should be taken. However, the FAQ section is sketchy and features generic questions as opposed to brand- or CBD-specific questions. Unlike most CBD companies in the world that are as old as the UK-based Fourfive CBD, it does not offer free shipping and military discounts. Besides, the company’s money-back guarantee is ambiguous and does not assure clients that they will get their full refunds. If you need to buy CBD items from a brand that offers free shipping to companies that meet a particular threshold, Fourfive CBD should not be your go-to option. It offers free shipping, but it is limited to subscribing to one of its plans.


The UK has several CBD companies, and each has unique properties that set it apart from other CBD companies. In the case of Fourfive CBD, we found the following specs to be true to it;

  • The company has a limited product inventory.
  • It only offers CBD capsules, creams, and spray oils.
  • The company sources its hemp from Slovakia, Slovenia, the Netherlands, and the Czech Republic.
  • Fourfive CBD does not reveal where in the mentioned countries it sources its hemp.
  • It uses CO2 and ethanol to separate CBD oil from the hemp surfaces before molding it into creams, sprays, and capsules.
  • The company’s CBD creams, sprays, and capsules have 300- 2000 mg CBD concentrations.
  • The CBD items in the brand’s inventory cost $30- $90, favoring CBD fans with low purchasing powers.
  • No live chat feature on the Fourfive CBD website.
  • The hemp is not proven to be organic.
  • The company uses 100%natural ingredients to manufacture its CBD items.
  • The brand upholds the BSCG standards in producing all its CBD picks.

Hemp Quality

Reputable brands that want their CBD items to do well in the hem space uphold hemp quality. Hemp is the parent element in the cycle since CBD oils are prepared from it, so companies that want to maintain their reputation and customer base in the hemp arena maximize hemp quality. Fourfive CBD scores fairly well in this tenet. It mentions on its website that it sources its hemp from Slovenia, Slovakia, the Netherlands, and the Czech Republic. However, t does not provide additional information about the hemp, whether it is non-GMO or organic-certified or not. As such, the company has for improvement, which might work to its advantage. Its mature hemp is processed in the UK using ethanol and CO2 extraction, both considered the gold standards in the CBD industry. The website shows that the company uses 100% natural ingredients to manufacture CBD products, but more research is needed to prove this. However, the lab tests on the CoA section of the website indicate that CBD products by Fourfive CBD are free of contaminants.

Transparency and Reputation

Reputable and transparent CBD brands throve well in the hemp space and win large loyal customer bases. Fourfive CBD tries to uphold its reputation in the hemp space, although it has a long way to go. It has a simply designed website that provides basic information about it, including when it was launched, i.e., 2018. It also mentions that its co-founders are two rugby players, but it does not give additional details about who forms part of the team. As such, the company has some work to do to make its website more informative and sell its brand’s name.

Other than providing basic information about itself through the official webpage, Fourfive CBD maintains a good online presence, especially through its Facebook page, which is fast growing in likes and following. The other way it builds reputation is by conducting 3rd party tests and posting the results on a centralized lab hub. The CBD industry is largely unregulated, and as part of ensuring product safety, CBD companies need to conduct 3rd party tests. The tests examine the purity of CBD products against standard contaminants like filth, animal residues, mold, heavy metals, and industrial solvents and also look at the cannabinoid profile, which indicates the THC and CBD contents of the products. Through the Certificate of Analysis link at the bottom of the official web page, you can view all the 3rd party test results, which show that the products on the brand’s website are accurately prepared.


Other than upholding reputation and transparency, 3rd party tests indicate how well a brand performs in accuracy. Since it calculates the CBD and THC deviation with respect to what the labels bear, they reflect how accurate the company is while measuring out the cannabinoid. Fourfive CBD performed well in the accuracy parameter since the lab results showed that all the items had as much cannabinoid as indicated on the labels. Besides, they all posed less THC than 0.2% per dry weight, well within the BSCG requirements. Still, the brand has room for improvement in its accuracy tenet. Some lab results were outdated and did not reflect the current products. We suggest that Fourfive CBD uploads its lab results by batch numbers so that every time you check the CoA section, you get the most up-to-date results and not archived data belonging to some other batch numbers.

Website Design

Fourfive CBD did sketchy work in terms of website design and needs to improve. The website is simply designed, which many clients appreciate since it allows easy navigation. However, it is way too simple and leaves out crucial information. For instance, while the site bears an FAQ page, it does not look at CBD- and brand-specific questions but focuses on generic concerns. Besides, they do not answer questions related to allergy, potential benefits, and the likely side effects of using the products. Still, we acknowledge that the website’s simplicity guarantees people an easy time surfing through and shopping for their favorite CBD picks.

Customer Experience

Customer experience is as important as hemp quality in the CBD arena, just like any other industry values good customer care. The more clients are satisfied, the more you expect them to come back and do business with you. It is no wonder that most CBD brands that want to make it in the CBD space work diligently on their customer care so that clients feel satisfied with what they get. We liked the customer experience at Fourfive CBD since the company has several means of reaching out to its customer care department, including a phone number, and email address, and a postal address, although it does not have a chat feature through which people can get prompt responses from customer care reps. If only the company could do better in this section as well, it could do better in the CBD space.

The Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process is equally an important factor in the hemp space since it involves many processes that ultimately determine the quality of the final products. the manufacturing processes include three stages; hemp growing & harvesting, hemp processing & CBD extraction, and 3rd party tests before the extracts are finally packaged. Each stage matters and contributes to the quality of the final products the brand offers.

Fourfive CBD sources hemp from Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and the Netherlands, although it does not detail where exactly in these countries its hemp comes from, leaving question marks all over. Besides, there is no information about the nature of the company’s hemp, so we cannot tell for sure whether its hemp is natural-produced, non-GMO, or not.

Once the hemp plants mature, the flowers, stems, and parts used in CBD manufacture are harvested. The brand’s manufacturing facilities are based in the UK, where the harvested hemp parts are prepared and processed. The hemp stems, flowers, and other parts are subjected to CO2 and ethanol chambers, where the extraction process occurs. The CO2 extraction method is deemed the gold standard since it ensures no industrial solvents find their way into the final products, although it is expensive. Ethanol extraction, although cost-effectively, destroys the additional compounds in hemp plants that contribute to the quality of the CBD items. Nonetheless, Fourfive CBD ensures the ethanol it uses to extract CBD does not filter into the products, as indicated by the 3rd party lab tests.

Once the extracts are ready, they proceed to the next stage, i.e., quality 3rd party testing. In this stage, the extracts are examined for purity against standard contaminants, including filth, mold, heavy metals, foreign substances, and industrial solvents. Besides, it is at this stage that the CBD extracts are screened for cannabinoid profile, revealing how much THC and CBD they have per dry weight. Fourfive CBD upholds these standards and liaises with independent labs for these tests.

Product Reviews

Fourfive CBD company has a long way to go in terms of product variety. It does not offer many CBD items, which it needs to improve to feature even more clients. Its CBD inventory has CBD capsules, creams, and sprays but does not take care of the mainstream CBD items such as tinctures, edibles, and vapes. Here are explanations for the products in Fourfive CBD;

Fourfive CBD Balms/ Creams

Are you an athlete or lead an active life and suffer pain and muscle aches o=from time o time? You may want to try what Fourfive CBD offers for pain and muscle aches. The brand’s creams and balms come in 250- 650 mg CBD concentrations and are strictly topical. The product page is well-detailed, and it explains how to use the CBD balm. Like other CBD products in the company’s inventory, the CBD balms feature less than 0.2% THC and are manufactured with CO2- or ethanol-extracted CBD. They also have additional compounds, including vitamin E and essential oils, to augment the roles of CBD. The CBD balms feature 3 – 6.67 mg/ml CBD potency, ideal for novices. As such, it needs to consider more potent creams to cater to veteran CBD users who are well at home with stronger potencies.

Fourfive CBD Sprays

Although the company does not offer CBD tinctures, edibles, or vapes, it offers CBD sprays. These are topical products like CBD creams discussed above, and you use them by spraying the content on the affected part. As such, it should not be confused with mouth spray, and it is strictly for topical use. The topical CBD sprays feature several CBD concentrations, ranging from 500 to 2000 mg CBD.

CBD Capsules

Do you prefer ingestible CBD instead of topical CBD? You may want to try the Fourfive CBD capsules. They come in bottles of 10 mg CBD, with 30- or 60- count capsules. You can opt for the 300 or 600 mg CBD capsules, and the product pages detail enough information on how one takes the caps.

What We Like About the Company

While reviewing Fourfive CBD, we appreciated the following about it;

  • The company deals in quality products
  • It conducts 3rd party tests which show that its clients are pure against standard contaminants
  • It boasts a centralized online hub where it posts all its 3rd party test results
  • The ethanol and CO2 extraction it uses to extract CBD oil ensures that the final products do not have contaminants.
  • Fourfive CBD offers CBD creams, sprays, and capsules in full- and broad-spectrum formulations, ensuring that its clients who need THC-free and THC-filled items have something for themselves.
  • The website is simply designed, allowing clients an easy time to navigate it and shop CBD items.
  • At an average price point of $0.05- $0.1 per mg CBD, the company sells CBD creams, sprays, and capsules cheaply.
  • The $30- $90 price range is fairly low, allowing people with low purchasing powers to have something to buy.
  • The brand has a subscription plan that allows people to get packages that open the way to free shipping and good discounts

What We Don’t Like About the Company

Although there is much to admire about Fourfive CBD, the brand has a few areas to improve. Like a coin with two sides, it has its fair share of kinks, including;

  • The CBD products feature full- and broad-spectrum formulations but do not offer isolates, cutting out clients who want pure CBD items.
  • The balms and capsules by the brand are more priced than other companies of the same caliber.
  • Fourfive CBD does not have a chat feature that people can use to get instant responses from the customer care desk.
  • The brand’s product range is narrow and only offers CBD creams, sprays, and capsules, but does not take care of the mainstream CBD items like edibles, tinctures, and vape cartridges.
  • The brand’s products feature low potencies, which would leave veteran CBD fans with the only option to take higher CBD dosages
  • There is no free shipping unless you subscribe to one of its plans
  • The company does not offer bundled discounts or military vet discounts

Overall Verdict

Our review for Fourfive CBD was fair, but the brand has room for improvement to perform better in the CBD space. It has a narrow product range of CBD creams, capsules, and sprays in full- and broad-spectrum formulations and sells them for $30- $90, a range that provides room for CBD fans with low purchasing powers. At an average price point of $0.05- $0.1 per mg CBD, its products are fairly cheap, although the balms and capsules are more priced than other companies. There are several ways to reach out to the brand’s customer care department, including an email address, a postal address, and a phone number. The website is simply designed, allowing for easy navigation, but it does not provide all the information about the brand. Besides, the company does not have a free shipping arrangement, and its money-back guarantee has loopholes, not assuring clients of having their cashback. Fourfive CBD has a subscription plan that allows people to get free shipping and a 20% off for every purchase. The clean CO2 and ethanol extraction processes are effective, and the former ensures no industrial solvents find their way into the products, as verified by the 3rd party tests. The company does well, but it has room for improvement and attract even more clients in the hemp space. Otherwise, it is one of the good CBD brands in the UK.


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